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"I have all the time in the world for the pain"

True Life Story  (revisited)

The Denver Story

(fixed and has some illustrations now!)

The ship built by the inventors Satchet and Bagley, and called the
`Adorable' by the enchantress, the Lady Grynwalt.  Depicted here in this
modern rendering, it is confronted by the Kraaken as  it makes its passage
across the Lake of Deep Purpling to the city of Markhl


the denver story

wet stuff

  • new additions



itc  (in the city)

space age 1, 2 and 3


recycled art



the details of characters, stories, about the artifacts and more based from this novel.

yes the tweek and chew story is here too.

Aurelia's Villa






The Space Age

illustrated concept in color and imagination

more space stuff:

space prt 2

space prt 3


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the anatomy 'lessen'

oil on canvas, 1987


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