Tweek and Chew 



Once there was a demon and everybody called him Tweek.  That wasn’t his name, I don’t think.  It was just what everybody called him.  Only the big, important demons got to have names, and Tweek wasn’t big, or important, at all.  He was just a little demon, and hardly anybody ever noticed him.

The reason everybody called him `Tweek’ was because that was the sound he made as he snuffled about, cleaning up after all the others.

`Tweek, tweek, tweek’ he squeaked.  And since everybody else called him `Tweek’, I will, too.

Tweek lived in the city of the sorcerers.  The city of the sorcerers was a dark and terrible place that was built deep into the pits inside an old dead volcano, where the lava used to boil and churn, long, long ago, and where the sun and the moon and the stars never shined.

That was the way the sorcerers liked it.  They liked darkness and shadows, and deep holes and pits.  The lava was gone, now, and the ancient volcano was quiet, and after a million years or so, the sorcerers found it and they moved in and made it their own.

The sorcerers, who were all very lazy folk, kept lots of demons to do the hard work that has to be done to keep a city running.  The sorcerers also kept goblins and trolls and ghouls, too.


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