this goblet adorned with, hair ties, beads, some confetti, tinsel and fingernail polish.   again made with a soda bottle and cardboard.



Gold foil becomes monotonous, so we replace it with silver.  The bowl is heavily textured with many layers of fingernail polish which, because it dries so quickly, is an excellent medium for building up heavy glazes.  It also bonds to plastic very nicely.  I havenít yet done anything with the empty fingernail polish bottles, but I find their shapes intriguing.



The ribbon brings in a nice element of randomness.  Move the goblet, the ribbon changes its lay, and the appearance of the goblet.  I donít want these goblets to be too refined.  I want rough elements in them, a splotch of pigment, and bit of asymmetry, even standing slightly off-balance.  Sort of a 12th Century blend of elegance and coarseness


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